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Ngàn Lần Yêu Em - HQ 55/55 tập USLT HDTVrip 720p AVI

Lee Soo Kyung's character's father is sick with some disease and in order to pay for hospital costs, she agrees to be a surrogate for a couple who are infertile. The infertile couple are played by Ryu Jin and Go Eun Mi. Jung Gyeo Woon plays Ryu Jin's brother who falls in love with the surrogate, which is where the conflict in the drama comes in.

Park Soojin plays a gold digger who has her eyes set on Jung Gyeo Woon. Her life ambition is becoming a housewife of a rich man chases him around trying to get him to fall for her. She is the step-sister of Lee Soo Kyung (her father married Lee Soo Kyung's mother).

Heechul is the brother of Go Eun Mi. He is from a wealthy family and has even studied abroad, but has no ambition despite his background and education. He works as a delivery boy at a snack shop. He falls for Park Soojin's character at first sight (he was at a club with Jung Gyeo Woon, the brother of his brother-in-law when she comes to be close to Jung Gyeo Woon). He pursues Soojin, but she obviously isn't interested at first. Eventually, she falls in love with him.

Lee Shi Young plays Ryu Jin's co-worker who harbors a crush on him and tries to seduce him while all the conflict in his home life is going on.
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